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How should the layout of commercial kitchen engineering design be reasonable?

07 03, 2020

In today's society, people are paying more and more attention to the quality of life. The stress of work makes people like leisure and relaxation after work. For example, dining is not only a good taste, but also a health regimen, and more importantly, a comfortable The environment, and this environment is not only the environment of the restaurant, but the environment of the back kitchen is also the focus of their attention. The importance of commercial kitchen design has gradually become apparent. Commercial kitchen engineering design is to make the kitchen more reasonable in a limited space, with stronger functions and higher grades!

The smaller the commercial kitchen space, the more difficult it is to design, because all functional areas must be set up in a limited space to meet commercial needs. This requires commercial kitchens to be arranged as compactly as possible when designing, but it is necessary to ensure that enough space is left for walking. So how to layout a commercial kitchen to make it more reasonable? Next, the editor of Aokexin will explain to you!

1. Make full use of the kitchen space

When the space on the ground is insufficient, the vertical space of the wall and the space on the countertop can be effectively used. For example, some equipment can be hung on the countertop or wall, some shelves can be set on the wall, or a stand can be added to the workbench. In this way, it is more convenient for the chef to take the food, save preparation time, and keep the kitchenware ventilated and dry, making the kitchenware more hygienic and clean.

2. Clever use of other spaces

When the kitchen space is not large, using the free space outside can not only make the kitchen more spacious, but also increase the display effect with some external equipment. For example, put cold dishes, cakes, and meat on the display cabinets of Chinese restaurants. Class and other display products. You can also put some of the processes that do not produce oily smoke in the open space of the restaurant, such as the production of some pastries, which not only allows consumers to feast their eyes, but also enhances the atmosphere of the restaurant.

3. Reduce the placement rate of repeated equipment

In some large hotels, the commercial kitchen is divided into multiple workshops. Two adjacent workshops can completely omit one freezer according to the degree of use of the freezer. The two workshops can also share a stove, which requires reasonable arrangements. In the work room, the work room that does not often use the stove can be arranged next to the common stove and share the same stove. In addition, one workshop with the same function can be appropriately configured. For example, the roughing room can be used for the Chinese kitchen or the western kitchen. If one is configured, the area of the kitchen can be greatly reduced.

4. Reasonable permutation and combination

As we all know, too many passages in the kitchen will also occupy the kitchen area. This requires that the design of commercial kitchens must be planned reasonably, reducing the passages and slightly compressing the width of the passages will increase the usable area of the kitchen.

In addition, under the premise of the same function, choosing a device with a smaller space can also save some space. The above are a few methods for the clever layout of commercial kitchen engineering design. The editor of the kitchen industry reminds everyone that in the process of practical operation, you still have to choose an experienced commercial kitchen engineering design company to ensure good kitchen work. Environment and customer dining environment.

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