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Analysis on what are the upgrade plans of restaurants

07 06, 2020

The fierce competition in the catering industry has accelerated the upgrade of restaurants. People are demanding more and more food. They not only require the food to be delicious, but also attach great importance to the elegance and health of the dining environment. In order to avoid the loss of customers, most catering stores have passed a period of time. After the operation of the company, it will be upgraded and transformed. What are the upgrade plans for restaurants?

1. The planning and layout should be reasonable, emphasizing integrity

Collect and research the restaurant's source market, comprehensively consider the restaurant scale, etc., organize professional designers, architects and restaurant operators to focus on the restaurant's market positioning, product development, functional layout and functional design, management mode, and comprehensively consider the planning of restaurant transformation Design to make it more scientific and reasonable.

2. Upgrade the use of green kitchen equipment

It is a better choice to replace the kitchen equipment with low efficiency, high energy consumption and not conducive to environmental protection. It is a better choice to use the intelligent kitchen equipment of Aokexin Kitchenware Factory and the electromagnetic series of kitchen equipment. The kitchen equipment of Aokexin Kitchenware Factory is more environmentally friendly, efficient, safe and easy to operate. It is one of the important links in the upgrading and transformation of restaurants, and it is the future trend advocated by commercial kitchens.

3. The decoration should be beautiful, and the concealed project should be perfect

Improving supporting concealed projects is one of the important goals of transformation and upgrading. All supporting pipelines will be fully updated and the surrounding environment will be greened, beautified and brightened, and the direction of hidden pipelines will be adjusted accordingly according to the overall layout, laying a good foundation for the economy, safety and environmental protection of the restaurant's overall operation .

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