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What kind of kitchen equipment need to be configured in the kitchen of a school canteen with thousan

07 06, 2020

The school cafeteria of the kindergarten elementary school: relatively simple, because the cafeteria staff has already allocated a nutritious lunch for all the children when it comes to the meal time. Therefore, for the school cafeteria of the kindergarten elementary school, the big pot stove is indispensable.

Junior high schools, ordinary high schools: students can cook independently and choose their favorite meals. Therefore, the cafeteria of ordinary high schools should be richer than those of elementary and middle schools. If noodles and porridge are prepared in advance for breakfast, then the noodle maker , Congee carts seem indispensable.

University canteen kitchen equipment: it is the most colorful, a variety of innovative dishes are various, a variety of specialties are available, the corresponding kitchen equipment should also be fully equipped! Aokexin Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. is roughly for you Divided into the following categories:

1. Stove equipment

The kitchen equipment in the school canteen kitchen is different from the household gas stove. It is a large and medium-sized stove equipment made of stainless steel plates, energy-saving burners and other parts; the electromagnetic stove is waterproof, leak-proof, and dry-proof. Protection; whether it is a gas cooker or an induction cooker, the fire point can be adjusted at will, durable, easy to clean, and suitable for venues with a large number of people. Common equipment includes: double-fried double-hung stove, double-eye large pot stove, hanging soup stove, clay pot stove, noodle cooker, steam cabinet, frying stove, etc.

2. Smoke extraction system

Because kitchen equipment is easy to cause kitchen fumes when cooking, it must be equipped with a smoke extraction system, which is required by the health administration department. Its key equipment includes: fume hoods, oil fume purifiers, fans, wind cabinets, control boxes, cross-wind pipes, etc., and its coverage is larger than that of the stove area. Perform regular cleaning of oil fume exhaust pipes, and dismantling and replacing the oil net is a necessary method to keep the anti-fume exhaust system unobstructed. Chengdu Aokexin Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. selects electrostatic oil fume purification equipment or an integrated machine for oil fume purifier processing, which has the characteristics of low energy consumption, light weight, high efficiency, and high safety performance.

3. Storage equipment

In order to realize the necessary storage of vegetables and fruits, rice noodles, senshou, etc., a variety of storage equipment is also required in the canteen kitchen. The key is the pool: two-star and three-star pools are common; racks: wooden workbenches, rice noodle racks, four- or five-story shelves, vegetable racks, storage shelves, etc. In addition, there must also be a food delivery car, a food collection car, a spice car, a vending machine, a waste collection cabinet, a mop pool, a thawing pool and other equipment.

4. Refrigeration and heat preservation equipment

It is convenient to refrigerate and freeze raw materials, and a freezer is often used, with 4 doors and 6 doors being more common. If you need a larger amount, you need to use a freezer, which has a long storage time and high cost performance. It inhibits Aspergillus flavus and increases the shelf life of storage; if there are refrigeration equipment, there is also heat preservation. Equipment, in order to maintain the temperature of food, heat insulation sales stand, insulation barrels are indispensable.

5. Cooking machinery and equipment

Here are mainly some small and medium-sized mechanical professional equipment. The more common products are slicers, mixers, dough mixers, noodle presses, bean paste machines, cutters, peelers and other products. This kind of mechanical equipment There are many types of brands, with different functions and different prices. Generally, they are equipped according to the level of the canteen.

6. Disinfection and sterilization equipment

Whether it is a school canteen or a restaurant outside the school, disinfection equipment is indispensable. It is a natural barrier for people to resist germs, such as high-temperature disinfection cabinets, steam disinfection rooms, dishwashers with drying and antivirus functions, and so on.

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