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Choose a suitable catering kitchen oil fume purifier manufacturer equipment, you can refer to the fo

07 06, 2020

In the catering industry, oil fume purifiers are an indispensable part of the kitchen. Regarding catering oil fume purifiers, many catering operators are the first contact, and they don’t know much about this one. So, how to choose the right kitchen Catering fume purifier is the most concerned thing for every catering owner. Let’s take a look at the oil fume purifier manufacturer together. Which oil fume purifier is suitable for your kitchen, should you refer to the following aspects?


1. Reasonable price

It is recommended to choose low-altitude oil fume purification equipment that has high cost performance and can pass environmental protection inspections. According to the current inspection trends and policy documents across the country, it is strongly required to install oil fume purifiers that meet the emission standards! To choose a well-known oil fume purifier manufacturer, the price is slightly higher. Many small manufacturers' oil fume purifiers have low purifying efficiency, and it is not recommended to choose if they have not passed the environmental protection inspection.

Second, the quality of the electric field

First, choose a flat electric field, just like the electrostatic fume purifier is the current mainstream catering industry purifier, the flat electric field is the current mainstream electric field structure. The Guangjie environmental protection oil fume purifier electric field is made of aluminum alloy sheet, modular design, and can be assembled according to the air volume. The double-zone electric field has the characteristics of good rigidity, easy disassembly and assembly, no deformation, and convenient cleaning and maintenance. The main advantage is the high purification efficiency, which can reach more than 98%, and it can also remove part of the peculiar smell, which meets the national oil fume emission standards.

Three, later cleaning

If it is cleaned irregularly, the oil fume purifier will not be able to filter the oil fume, and the equipment cannot achieve the original purification effect. Therefore, the oil fume purifier is recommended to be cleaned and maintained every 2-3 months to ensure the continued effect of the oil fume purifier and a longer service life. It is important to clean the fume purifier, so you must choose a fume purifier that is easy to clean.

Four, power supply

If the power supply is easy to break, the oil fume purifier cannot operate normally, so choose a power supply with better quality. As a manufacturer of oil fume purifiers, Guangjie Environmental Protection independently develops and designs patented power supplies. Good-quality machines use high-frequency and high-voltage power supplies. Using DC double pulse power supplies, oil fume is more easily ionized and adsorbed, ensuring the best purification effect, and has automatic Overload, overvoltage, open circuit, open circuit protection, the air inlet and outlet can be interchanged at will, it is safer, safer and more convenient to use.

The oil fume purifier manufacturer wrote to you for reference, the above how to choose a catering kitchen oil fume purifier. A good catering kitchen oil fume purifier can not only give the kitchen staff a good environment, but also purify the air, so for the health of themselves and others, it is necessary for the restaurant to install a suitable catering kitchen oil fume purification equipment

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